Roland Tembo (No Hair)
Jurassic Park - Lost World Humans - Series 1 Roland Tembo
Name:Roland Tembo
Variation:No Hair
Series:Jurassic Park - Lost World
Subseries:Humans - Series 1
Manufacturer #:539953
Year Released:1996
Height:5 inches
UPC:0 76281 71143 0
Age Range:4 & Up
Actors:Pete Postlethwaite

(with Dino Stun Prod and Pachycephalosaurus Hatchling)
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Reviews of Roland Tembo Toy Series
5.00 stars from Mr-X
The Great White Hunter, Roland Tembo looks nothing like his movie character but this isn’t a bad thing. In this form he looks more like a hardcore hunter then his movie likeness, just my opinion. Two figures were made, the more common had him with no hair while the other had hair. Tembo comes at 5 inches tall and with three things. He apparently comes with a knife, though I cant really review it. Mine must have been lost over the years since I don’t have it anymore but it doesn’t look like anything to special, just some GI Joe look alike, at least when its in the package. He also comes with a Dino Stun prod. For a stun prod, this thing is huge!!! Its nearly as big as he is. It also has a cool stun feature. You pull backwards on the back lever, pulling the prod and the two wings in...[See More]
4.00 stars from El Bandelerro
I have to say, the Lost World was not the most detailed toyline. I was not totally impressed when I bought this figure, but that doesn't mean it's not good. I love the color scheme of him. He's got a dark brown shirt, and over that- the stretched out skin of a raptor head! The clothes are what really makes this what its worth. The pants are navy blue and the boots are brown. The sculpt is not bad. The head is a T-Rex Turner (previously reviewed) repaint. He comes with a light blue pachy. and an outragousley cool gun. The gun is pretty big and has a shooting action. I love this one, but I have to give 4 stars due to lack of detail. Not bad, but needs work. ...[See More]
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