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To every generation, there is born a 'Chosen One". She alone will stand against the forces of darkness. She is THE SLAYER...

And so it was that a young LA cheerleader called Buffy Anne Summers was tasked by this solemn duty, the day she was approached by her "Watcher" - Merrick.
With his help and training she was able to destroy a vampire infestation among her classmates by a vampire lord. But that was only the beginning of her destiny, as even bigger threats loom....

Now she has come to Sunnydale, an idyllic mid-western town, where her slayer skills will be put to the test again and again. For Sunnydale has a terrible secret - The Hellmouth - one of many wellsprings of all Evil across our plane of existence. Though her enemies are many and various - from "rogue slayers" like Faith to centuries old vampires like The Master, Spike and Druscilla to even darker evil like "The Gentlemen". Buffy may find that some old enemies will become new allies. And that for all her raw slayer power, this time she cannot fight her battles alone...

So great a threat does the Hellmouth represent, that only with the help of her new Watcher "Giles", her classmates - Xander, Cordelia, budding witch Willow and her werewolf boyfriend Oz- and the mysterious Vampire Angel, can she hope to stem the tide of darkness that threatens to engulf us all.

Now you too can recreate these great battles or just sit back and simply admire the fine craftsmanship of the uncanny likenesses of these much beloved and vilified Buffy TV show characters, from master sculptor Clayburn Moore studios. Each is sculpted in 6-7" scale with superbly detailed sculpting and character specific accessories. These are truly figures a Buffy fan can't be without in their collection.

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