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Your Realm Page allows you to follow the actions of your favorite Figure Realm members. It replaces the default Community page with a more customized view to help keep you up-to-date with your particular community interests. All users will automatically see their Realm Page in the Community section when they are signed into the website.

Changing your Realm Page
Your Realm Page can be customized by becoming a fan of other users on the website, or by choosing to stop following users that you are currently a fan of. You can perform these actions in various places throughout the website, such as in a user's profile, by clicking the icon.

Event Actions
The following actions will be displayed on your Realm Page for a user that you are following. On the flipside, if you are the user being followed, these are the actions that will show up on your fans' Realm Page.
  • Custom Showcase
    • Adding of a new custom
    • Updating of an existing custom
  • Collector Profile
    • Creation of a collector profile
    • Updating their now collecting
    • Updating their wants
  • Customizer Profile
    • Creation of a custom profile
    • Updating their works in progress
    • Updating their honorable mentions
    • Updating their custom comments
  • Fans
    • Becoming a fan of another user
  • Reviews
    • Writing a review
In addition, you will see any announcements from Figure Realm on your Realm Page.
  • New Hot Releases arriving in the Figure Shop
  • New Custom Contest Announcements
  • The start of voting for Custom Contests
  • Announcing Custom Contest winners
  • Any other website announcements
Tips & Other Info
  • Add yourself as a fan so you can see what your fans are seeing about you.
  • For events that are considered updates to an "update event" that happened in the last hour, the previous update will be replaced with the new event. This prevents fans from being flooded with multiple updates. For example, if you update your works in progress, then change them 10 minutes later, and then go back and fix some typos two minutes later, your fans will only see your latest update for your works in progress for that one-hour time frame.