At the mall !

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At the mall !

Postby Golden Wolf » Fri May 18, 2012 7:10 am

ME & my girlfriend went to Pearlridge mall ( located right accross from Pearl Harbor ) today and noticed in the center stage they have decorated it like a comic book city. Well it's a hall of heroes celebration they have a train set that young kids can ride on and it goes around the comicbook city where they have these huge spiderman, Thor, Iron man , Captain America posters by Fathead also comic covers like the hulk 121 (the one with 1st apperance of wolverine / even though he was in the last panel of the previous issue ) . They even have a display case with prop replicas of Green Hornet's gas gun , thors hammer, Ironman's helmet &
Doctor Dooms mask .

We also found a new store " Hot Unique Images " that sells some older marvel legends for about $20to $30 they also have starwars and NFL jerseys & other collectables also they do airbrush work for T Shirts , jackets ,hats , shoes ,ECT. I also found that they sell loose action figure fodder which was amazing to me so I bought a few hand fills each piece was only like five to fifty cents and 12 inch figure guns were $1 to $2 awesome !!! They have great customer service and real music playing in the store =D> 8) ! I will definitly be a frequent customer!

But the coolest part was another store " Razor Concepts " went all out they had 4 display cases of loose figures of batman ,superman, ironman , xmen , spiderman , and probly all the batmobiles ever made and a few batwings they weren't that cheap but to see all this in one place here in Hawaii is just awesome and my girlfriend was so cool I forgot my phone at home today and she took pictures of most of the displays with out me even asking cause she thought it was cool . I'll try to post them later. I guarantee we will go back by next week.
This was in Pearlridge mall on Oahu ,Hawaii.
I'll post some pics when I can.

Aloha Realmers !
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Re: At the mall !

Postby Wesr » Fri May 18, 2012 10:48 am

The question is how far in debt did you go before she dragged you out of there? :lol:
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