Having a blast picking up the new MLs

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Having a blast picking up the new MLs

Postby supersizeme » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:00 pm

It has been a LOOOONG time since i've had this much fun hunting (and finding) cool Marvel Legends figures that I actually want. For what ever reason my 3 closest Targets never got (or I missed out) on both the Hit Monkey series and Puck series. I searched and was never able to find any. Luckily I found the entire Hit Monkey series at Wondercon (besides Archangel I had to pay 25 for him) but I got the entire wave for 10 bucks a piece with no tax. So getting those figures way under retail has made up for all the frustration of searching and never finding them at Target. I am still hunting for some of the Puck wave and Wolverine series on ebay hopefully I can get them for a reasonable price. But it has been a totally different story with the new Cap and Spidey wave of the infinite MLs. I was able to snag all the figures I wanted even the the ever elusive Black Cat. And I got most of them for 15 bucks before they raised it to 20. I even found a couple of Black Series Boba fetts. Last week I went on target online and found they were clearanceing off some of the older waves of ML. Picked up 2 Draxs , Fantomex ,and Hope for 40 bucks even after shipping. So at roughly 10 a piece after sales tax and shipping I thought it was good price for eventual fodder bodies/pieces. Tonite I found the target exclusive Beast fire Predaking …this gigantic beast normally retails at $59.99 picked him up for $13.74!!!!! It was so cheap I had to pick up 2. Hopefully they will clearance off the Beast Hunter Optimus Primes. I would love to pick him up for a good price.
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