Help me find a dragon ninja doll from the 80's please

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Help me find a dragon ninja doll from the 80's please

Postby davethedead » Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:01 pm

first time poster so before anything, hello all.

now to business, during the 1980's I was bought a dark metallic ninja toy. was 12 inch tall (i think) came with a plastic sword, three pronged dagger and two throwing stars (all molded from the same colour plastic). the ninja had one dark arm (sporting a symbol on which was repeated on the throwing star), and one flesh coloured arm with a green dragon tattoo on his shoulder. the toys are all plastic but for their hollow rubber heads. I recall the shoulders and hips being ball and socket joints where the elbows and knees just hinged. another stand out feature was the cross hatching diamond pattern on the wrist guards. there was also a royal blue ninja in this range as my brother recieved that one. the blue ninja toy had a very round head and no exposed arm to best recollection.

I honestly don't know if I will ever find out more about this toy, but if any of you good people could shed the slightest light on what was/is a much loved childhood toy I would be very grateful. if I can find any accessories or anything at my mothers house I will try to get some pictures up to help. thank you, hope I haven't out stayed my noob welcome
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