kenner beetlejuice "other scary stuff"

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kenner beetlejuice "other scary stuff"

Postby boguslives » Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:01 pm

On the back of the card for The Street Rat (a figure from the sub line of kenners beetlejuice line from 1990 called "neighborhood nasties") there are other figures advertised that I have never seen anywhere, I cant even seem to find them on the internet (anywhere but this site). Now normally there are two rows of figures on the back of the series 2 card and on the bottom is the creepy cruiser and various other vehicles but on the back of this card (the one for the street rat shown on this site) there is a line of photos of toys inbetween them with some bug like figures and a worm type figure. What are theses? were they ever released? how big are they? does anyone have any photos?
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Re: kenner beetlejuice "other scary stuff"

Postby Patraw » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:09 am

Could they be photos of the little mini figures that came with the Beetlejuice characters? Most of those mini figures were bugs, spiders, worms, etc. with Beetlejuice's head on them if I remember right.

I just did a quick search online and, on the Beetlejuice Wiki, I read that a line of toys based on the Beetlejuice cartoon was planned, but cancelled, perhaps the figures you're referring to were intended for that?
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