lets take a stroll down memory lane

Chat about your favorite figures from the past, get help figuring out the one guy's name from that one series, or tell your favorite childhood action figure story.

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Re: lets take a stroll down memory lane

Postby cosmicfantasycustoms » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:20 pm

man I am so sorry to hear anything about losing a collection, such as shapp and darth, had that happen to me also. Lost all my old MOTU save Ram man who jumped to safety the night before. But I do miss my old MOTU (but love the 200X more and like some of the MOTUC), secret wars, superpowers, bionic six, muscle men, TMNT all of these rocked. I liked transformers, but never could get my parents to buy them, always wanted the dinobots. they were my favorite transformers, the others were ok, but the dinos were my omg. I even liked some of the old wrestling figs, the action of them was unique to anything that is made today.
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