Will pay $10 for a video of you painting

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Will pay $10 for a video of you painting

Postby Dr Nightmare » Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:52 pm

Want to make a quick 10 bucks? Who wouldn't? If you can paint almost perfectly (using only normal brushes, no airbrushes!) then this is for you. I mean if you can paint something and make it look like it came straight from the factory then keep reading :]

I'd like you to make a video of you painting a custom from start to finish. It doesn't even have to be the entire thing, even just a small video of you painting a leg or an arm or a face is fine. The video has to be clear enough so that I can clearly see the surface and the texture of the paint, so webcams probably arent the best thing to use here since they tend to be grainy.

Yes, it's as simple as that, I want to see you paint something from start to finish. Show close-ups of whatever youre painting before and after it's done. While you are painting, zoom in on the area youre painting. Make commentary while youre painting, explain brushstrokes, any special techniques, have fun with this! You might need another person to help hold the camera while you paint. Make sure to show what kind of paints youre using and what kind of brushes. Ideally you should never turn the camera off. Even if you have to go the bathroom, keep the camera focused on whatever youre painting.

I'll pay you the $10 with Paypal or I'll mail you the bill once I see the video and decide it is clear and informative enough. If I don't think it's "good enough" then you dont get paid :] But you have to admit, getting paid 10 dollars to videotape something you were going to do later anyway is a pretty sweet deal. Anyone can submit a video, anyone can win, anyone can lose. Submit as many videos as you want.

If you decide to make a video please upload it to a site like YouTube.com and send me the link at doc_night665@hotmail.com You can also post the link here if you want. Maybe people can vote on the best video? We'll see what happens. Any questions ask them here or email me.

Why am I paying $10 for this?
Because nothing is free and because there are no other videos out there showing this. You can be the first one to do it and help out the thousands of people who would like to see how a professional paints his customs. Hell, just think of the publicity and exposure you'll get. People will know who you are and praise your customs even more. Go ahead and run a small ad in your video, all the merrier.

Why are you paying only $10?
Because I have to pay for food too.

Why don't you borrow some money to pay us more than $10?
Why dont you just shu- ahem, let's leave it at that :]
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