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Re: Advice For Custom Idea

Postby Automatauntaun » Wed May 25, 2011 4:17 am

A: above statement is soooo true. Not to diswade you. Just do this one and then move forward. If after a while you feel you could have done better just revisit it with another try. I already have two fives I am making again. I find it to be the fun ofthis hobby?
B:go here, ... ent=safari
I would recommend highly revoltech joints. I know, you would think I
own stock in the company? I don't...I wish I did thought...
They are amazing and add MASSIVE articulation.
Also by using these you can buy the gashpon/and or other toynami toys and swap parts since these
Joints are in different sizes and some fit those toys ( toynami and gashpon) quit well. Also allowing
For easy full scratch parts.
Hope it helps! Best of luck!
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