Shredder Custom Question

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Shredder Custom Question

Postby Jakarn » Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:15 pm

Just discovered these forums, found a lot of tips and helpful info. Just started collecting and modding the new 2012 TMNT figures. I have painted the new turtles (picked up some ideas from this site :) ). I have a modified Splinter took the head from the movie style, and swaped it on to the 2003 one with the soft goods, don't like the one from the new cartoon. That is what is good about TMNT there is so many different variations of all the characters you can swap parts and they don't look out of place. Which is about the extend of my modding, swapping parts and painting. Haven't got into scalpting yet.

Anyway quick question I was looking at the Armoured 2003 shredder the one with the removeable helmet, was going to use that as the base. Has anyone tried swaping the arms from the 2012 shredder, do they fit (don't mind doing a bit of bezzeling)? I haven't bought the figures yet so don't want to buy them, than find out they are not compatiable. On the same subject does anyone have any suggestions on articulated legs that could be used.
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