Help with pic of CIE Atrocitus torso next to SuperBats torso

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Help with pic of CIE Atrocitus torso next to SuperBats torso

Postby squeezeplay » Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:48 pm

I've been trying to get a really good quality, clear, close-up high res pic of the torso of the Club Infinite Earths Atrocitus right next to the torso of any DCUC figure that uses the sculpt from the torso of the Superman and Batman figures (Batman, Orion, Superman, Batman Beyond, Amazo, Eradicator, Ocean Warrior Aquaman, Booster Gold, etc.)

In other words, if you own both a CIE Atrocitus and any DCUC figure with the torso they used for those characters like I listed above, any at all with that same sculpt of torso, all you'd have to do is take a GOOD camera and snap a pic of both figures lying flat next to each other where I could actually see both torsos clearly in one shot next to each other.

If anyone could do this for me I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
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