6 inch action figure chairs--What would you pay?

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6 inch action figure chairs--What would you pay?

Postby Clif52 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:34 am

I've been designing some 6 inch action figure chairs. What would you pay for a handmade chair? My first prototype turned out pretty good but I'm still experimenting with a few different designs. The first one looks kind of like the 60's Justice League Meeting Room chairs. Barrel like with curving back into curving arm rests. I'm building from recycled materials, mostly plastic and foam core cushion lining. I may add foamie shapes over the foam core to detail the cushions.

I forgot to mention that I'm also working on a couple of Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate tables. One is a small ornate table to lay an occult book on, and the other is more of a stand to hold a crystal ball. It could be lit from below with a small battery powered light.

Finally had a chance this weekend to finish the two prototype chairs and a table for 6 inch action figures.

I keep trying to post the photo here but couldn't figure out how.
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