BDUs for DC 13" Figures

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BDUs for DC 13" Figures

Postby Troglodad » Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:37 am

Been working ona supersoldier custom using a DC 13" body to make him larger than a gi joe. While I was able to sand the feet down and modify some boots, and used a stretchable shirt the pants are a real problem. I tried modifying a pair of standard bdus, but they came out very baggy in the rear. Does anyone make pants to fit one of these bodies, in woodland bdu or black- or is there an easy way to tailor them? I was thinking that i might try slits down the sides of the hips and an expansion strip there- which would require removing the thigh cargo pockets then reattaching.

Standard GIjOe/Dragon/etc pants are too tight ih the waist and around the thighs- plus a hair short, but that gets hidden by blousing over the boots.
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