Need Input on BEST Hardware to Invest In

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Need Input on BEST Hardware to Invest In

Postby UFGatorAlumni » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:37 pm


Thanks to the realm as at the age of 38 and being a Biochemist and a Registered Nurse all in the realm of academia I am no doubt a nerd but completely geek out at the end of the work day...and for me 18 months ago work as I knew it changed forever...Figure Realm and my great partner and soul-mate helped me to reach back to my true love of being a kid and find some enjoyment in life again and re-engage the world. I am serious when I say that less than 12 months ago they were not sure I would live to see another birthday...and I have, and will keep doing so! So first, thanks to ALL of you and the encouragement and insight in expanding my horizon on art and brining my Marvel, DC, Sci-Fi and Fantasy love to life and not only by collecting but by creating it as well.

I wanted to hear input from all the customizers or artists who use airbrushing in their work? In 4-6 weeks I will have the money to spend on a truly professional or masters level airbrush kit with compressor and I want to get it right. Being a Biochemist/Immunologist/Virologist and even on my 6th degree being an RN I never took a single art class (though this fall, am signed up for 2 art classes at the University for pure fun) I have no art background. I want to while I have the money really invest in the best airbrushing kit with compressor that I can so that as I continue down this road of art on many media and forms that the set lasts. If you could please offer me your invaluable insight as well as the pros and cons as to the ones you suggest and the ones you say to avoid I feel that I will make the best informed decision as someone who is below the novice!

Thank you all in advance!
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Re: Need Input on BEST Hardware to Invest In

Postby ole jade jaw » Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:01 pm

Not to be a downer buddy but I know guys that will blow your mind with a $149 kit. It is way more on WHO is using it. I would suggest using an entry level setup and seeing if you even enjoy it.
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Re: Need Input on BEST Hardware to Invest In

Postby sanmiguel » Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:28 pm

since your a beginner and still starting with the hobby i would suggest getting an el cheapo kit...hell i want one if i were in the USA :( can get a cheap AB kit around $90 a pop...@ Harborfreight.... :lol:
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