I didn't know that vintage Jim Lee posters were collectible.

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I didn't know that vintage Jim Lee posters were collectible.

Postby supersizeme » Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:08 pm

I have been a comic book fan since I was a kid. But I really never started collecting until Jim Lee became the regular artist for the Uncanny X-men back in the early 90's. His artwork blew me away and I have been a fan ever since. I kinda went crazy back then and bought everything I could get my hands on that had Jim Lee art. I bought all the X-men posters he had drawn and hung them on my wall. Some of the posters I liked so much i bought extras so I can hang them up if I ever moved. That was years ago. Recently while cleaning out my garage I found some poster cans. I opened them up and found 2 of my old Jim Lee posters in mint condition rolled up still in it's original plastic. One was the REALLY cool Villains gallery and the other was "Things to come". I started to look for them on ebay to see the going rate but I couldn't find them. I found other vintage Jim Lee posters used for around 50 bucks. I still don't know the value of what my posters are worth, but I guess the sentimental value is more important to me so I would never sell them. I am kinda torn between getting them framed or to leave them in it's original condition. I also recently bought the oversized Jim Lee Hush Villans poster and I am looking for the Heroes poster but I have the feeling I am going to pay through the nose. If anyone has a similar story I would love to hear it or your thoughts on my story would be equally appreciated.
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Re: I didn't know that vintage Jim Lee posters were collecti

Postby mpelichoff » Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:48 pm

Kind of the opposite story. I had a full sized poster of McFarlane's Spider-Man issue 1 when I was younger. I got it in a bin of posters that my local comic shop (which closed about 15 years ago, I now have to drive 40 miles) that they had taken off the wall for about $3. It had an orange background behind the webbing and no Spider-Man title or any other words at all. It was awesome, I have never found one exactly like it since. I have seen some with the Spider-Man logo or other slight differences on ebay but they were pretty expensive, over $30 I think.
- I looked on ebay right before I typed this and found a Spider-Man poster that I won at a carnival around 1993 or so, I still have mine but it is totally tore up.
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