Would you like planet Hulk + WWHulk in game?

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Would you like planet Hulk + WWHulk in game?

Postby MrGore » Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:39 pm

I was thinking, what if they made this into a game?

Give us a great intro about the Illuminati plan, and Hulk VS that robot in space, untill the first battle as gladiator in the planet.

First battles would be like tutorials

After the battles we could play as Hulk inside the gladiator dorms, where we could talk to other gladiators, including his Warbound

We wouldn't be able to act violently, if we pressed an attack key Hulk would get shocked cause of the obidience disk

Then we return to the arenas and we could unleash hell again, and thegame would be like that untill we beat silver surfer, or beta ray billy, or someone else, since they changed it from comics to movie, they could surprise us once again in the game.

After we get free we could free roam the planet

But when we aproach key chars like Korg, or Miek, they would ask us to do tasks
If we accept the mission, we would watch a cutscene very much like GTA, but instead of entering the area where we start mission we would get near some game chars, and we could refuse to do the mission right now, there could even be side missions.

All this leading to the defeat of the Red King, after that a few more mission about the events in the comic, and then free roam

But only for a while, cause then when we thought we had done it all, the bomb blows off, and the part 2 of the game starts, the WWHulk.
very much like in a GTA game when you only have access to part 1 of the city, you start get confortable there, and game sends you to part 2, where it's all new.

So this part would start in the ship, where you would have time to train, maybe a trivia about your warbound, all to give you the max exp you can get during the travel time

Then battle VS Black Bolt
Afet that you land on earth and can free roam, but if you get to the key spots in the city where heroes, then are you have to fight them, after you win these fights cutscenes of your warbound comming to take the prisoners to the base, untill you have all illuminati prisioners.

When that happens the games beggin, a great cutscene leading to a battle with Miek for having betrayed you

Then they could some how change the ending of WWH so that you can free roam forever, Hulk could become the King of the city, from time to time the rest of the USA would try to invade your kingdom, like im the game SpiderMan 2, instead of saving civilians you had to protect the kingdom, maybe even more like in GTA San Andreas Gang Wars

You could also play hero and help your people like in Spider Man 2 while free roaming, some villains could make an appeance trying to s rob a Bank, or something

Somewhere hidden in the city key spots where you'd be contempled with cutscene leading to a mission

This missions would be "Easter Eggs", such as playing as your Warbound, unlike in Ultimate destroction each chars would have a different set of moves, you could even know the moves from seeing them when you fight side to side with your Warbound in the beginning of the game.

One of those "Easter Eggs" could be a free roam with Skaar the son of Hulk on the planet Skaar.
Another one could be mission that ends with Hulk being sent back on time to when the ship entered the worm whole that lead him to land on planet hulk.
you could chose to just replay the game keeping your stats, increasing or not the difficulty level.


The game play could be very alike in Hulk Ultimate Destroction, but giving us new weapons, like swords, axes, lances, shields... a shield for examle could behave like a smashed bus, allowing hulk to skate.

Also keeping the set of weapons we had in the Ultimate Destruction game, for when we return to Earth

Swords and axes, and lances could have a better set of moves than the few we had with lamp posts.

The health and gamma overcharge system should change

There would be a rage metter, and health metter.

There would be no health power ups, health would just self restore

The rage metter would go up every time we get hit, and using over charged moves would wear it down

The more rage we had stored the faster we heal, and the more damage we deal, so it may be a good idea to keep your rage metter at max unless you really need to unleash a super devastating move

Also this rage moves should be chargeable so we control how much rage we waste, the more rage we waste the more damage it does, and for some moves the more range they have.

Also include guns for Hulk, like a tommy gun for Fixit, and others from when Hulk was the Professor Hulk

There should be the following alternate attires:
King Hulk - ability to draw a sword
Gladiator Hulk attire 1 - ability to draw a lance
Gladiator Hulk attire 2 - ability to draw an axe
Savage Green Hulk 1 - blue pants
Savage Green Hulk 2 - purple pants
Savage Grey Hulk
Joe Fixit 1 - Pants, Shoes, White gloves - no rage meter
Joe Fixit 2 - hat and trench coat - no rage meter - ability to draw a tommy gun from the coat
Professor Hulk - no rage meter - abilty to draw a big gun - ability to interact with some stuff like computer consoles.

Each attire would have different qoutes Hulk would say according to what's going on the game.

And attires would change like this, Professor Hulk, would play very much like regular Hulk but no rage moves, after he gets hit by an explosion he could came out of it dressed as Savage Green Hulk, but would keep his quotes and game play. if he takes enough damage instead of dying he would turn into a Savage Green Hulk, with enough rage stored to heal fast.

Fixit 2 outfit after explosion would become Fixit 1 and then Savage grey Hulk, but also keeping the quotes and gameplay of Fixit. Instead of dying samething as above should happen.

There should be comics for you to collect, maybe the covers from Planet Hulk and WWHulk sagas, or maybe a slection of the best covers, or maybe both

Covers would unlock outfits, for example during the story you would start as savage Hulk, win first battle you get a gladiator costume, and accoridng to storie costumes will change, between Gladiator 1, Gladiator 2, King, but if you don't collect the right cover when the game ends in the last free roam you don't have access to wear that costume again.

Some of this comic covers may not be hidden, some may even be mandatory for you to get, let's say King Hulk for example is into a door you have to enter to complete a certain key story arch, and you can't enter the door without getting it

Others, like Fixit could be very well hidded in the city.

Would be cool if comics would be in a place that makes sense, like the cover that get's you the Fixit costume is inside a casino.

Also not all covers unlock costumes, you have to collect the other covers for other rewards, for example, when you collect, let's say, 10 cover, you'll get a Jump Hight bonus, when you reach the 30 covers, you get 20% damage dealt.

By fighting Hulk would get exp points, at any moment in the pause menu, those exp point can be exchanged for new abilities (like in Ultimate Destruction), or by stats that will have levels from 1 to a max level that the game programmers should decide.

This stats should be:
Health - controls of fast you regain health and the size of your health meter
Rage - controls of fast you gain rage the size of your rage meter
Strenght - controls the damage you deliver
Toughness - controls the damage you take
Speed - controls how fast you move around and execute attacks
Weapon mastery - controls the damage you deliver with melee weapons
Aim - controls the damage you deliver with ranged weapons, as well the aucuracy of things you tross at enemies
Jump height - controls how high you can Jump
Leadership - controls the AI of your Warbound.

Chars that would be interesting to play besides the Hulk
I'll list chars who game play could be similar to Hulk, but moves could be different, meaning I won't say for example SpiderMan, cause he would have a game play very different, and we don't wanna end up with a another Marvel Ultimate Alliance (it's a good game, but it's restrictive to the chars cause the all have to be played the same way, and this is a Hulk game, there should be no restrains)
The Warbound crew: Korg, Miek, Hiroim, Elloe, No Name
Red Hulk - no rage meter - but heat meter, heat keeps decreasing only increases when he gets hit, since he heals fast mantaining a temperature should be easy, the hotter he is the more damage he does, but not like regular Hulk, he hads fire damage to the blows, meaning only deals more damage to foes suscepible to fire damage.
She Hulk
Luke Cage

Also Chars that should make an appearence in the game even if just for us to fight against during story, or side quests:
The Illuminati
Wolverine and a few more X-men
Fantastic Four
Luke Cage
She Hulk

and many others, but I can't think of more now.
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