Mk9 my 10 sugestions

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Mk9 my 10 sugestions

Postby MrGore » Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:37 pm

1 - Characters costumes, each character would have a variety of costumes to unlock, from new design, to classic and alternative looks, (for example Scorpion's flaming skull in MK DA)

2 - Individual Ending movies and epilogue movies for each character in story mode.

3 - A story mode very much alike Mortal Kombat VS DC series, but instead of picking a side,
the player would chose a character, and play a few battles concerning that character epilogue,
then a few battles revolving the main story, and we could have to play as other characters, then,
near the end of the story mode we would have to play a few battles with our selected char leading to his/hers ending,

4 - Endings and epilogues should be either a full motion video, or a cut scene with game graphics, the second one would perhaps be the better option, allowing us to see the ending and epilogue with the alternative costumes.

5 - Konquest mode, MK Armageddon Konquest mode was great, but not as good as MK Shaolin Monks,
would be great if we could have the game play/puzzling alike MK Shaolin Monks, and when facing bosses (other chars in the game), game play would change to regular MK combat, very much alike MK Armageddon,
also maintaining the option to create a character, and Konquest mode would be about him/her, we would have to pick sides, make options, we would learn/earn new moves as we progress, and costume pieces, and at any save point we could re-edit our look and move set.

6 - Allowing each profile about 5 chars to edit instead of just one, so we could play with one of our chars in Konquest, and all stuff earned would be transferable, for the other chars in the same profile.

7 - Mini games! Chess Kombat, test your might and test your sight, kart game extended to all chars

8 - Fatalities!!! people love some old fatalities, hate some old fatalities as well, and always want to see something new, so if we could have 2 new fatalities, for each char, and get 2 crowd favourite fatalities re-edited for each char would be great,
also keep MK Armageddon style fatalities, and all fatalities commands should be different, and created chars would execute then all.

9 - Profile should state what chars we play more and wins/loses vs human/cpu, what fatalities we have done with what chars and how many times, so viewing that info could help us improving our game.

10 - Brutalities! A new, but old, feature – There could be a bar that would grow by performing combos and executing special moves, and when it reaches maximum, we would enter a brutality mode.
While in this mode we can't be knocked down, we lose less health, if the incoming damage would kill us it doesn't, instead once the brutality mode ceases we are left with minimum health, all our moves become linked as if everything are combos, special moves are unblockable, and we deal more damage.
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Re: Mk9 my 10 sugestions

Postby Wesr » Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:37 am

I'd want to see the controls simplified, none of this having to hit 5 buttons really fast to pull off a move.
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