Great Underated Games

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Great Underated Games

Postby ToaMatoro » Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:06 am

So here is a list of some overlooked games these are games that noeone really buys not just a group of people: Ace Combat Assault Horizon, rated-t this is a a flying style game (not sure what the techinical term for that is #-o ) its about task force 142 if Im correct (haven't played it in a while :-k ) and you are their commander suffering from PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) having nightmares about dog-fighting, the story goes on the gameplay is amazing with lock-on missles and heavy machine guns boosters and more, I played the game in first person when it feels like your're in the cockpit but you can also play in third,from my knowledge its can be played on the wii xbox360 and ps3. Next up is a favourite of mine: Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena which also comes with a remastered prequel to this game Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, this game takes place before the movies, and is very fun it is a stealth game and a great one too if you've seen riddick kick some butt! then this is the game for you playing as a muscle-man with extreme martial arts skills you'll flip around you enimies while beating them to a bloody pulp one goal of the game is of course, stealth so it does involve not only being quiet but hiding the bodies in darkness, now from what i know again :oops: #-o it is rated-m sorry for all those not allowed to play, and is only for the xbox360 and maybe maybe ps3 no wii, darn, but heres my favourite of them all: Mirrors Edge, rated-t, playing as Faith Connors who lives in an area run by a dictator after her parents where killed at a riot and faith ran away short after, living alone in a place where freerunning is strictly illegal faith and her freinds are freerunning messengers giving information to all those who go against the evil dictating mayor callahan one of faith's family friends robert pope is the only one who could maybe change the city he is murderered and faiths sister, framed at the scene of the crime faith lifts some evidence she learns about icarus a plan set up by mayor callahan now faith has to clear her sisters name and find out what icarus is and stop it, a plan that could endanger all the runners, for xbox360 and ps3 only. whats your favourite underated game?
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Re: Great Underated Games

Postby mr.fenrir » Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:52 pm

First and foremost: The Suffering. Criminally underappreciated, you play as a convict recently admitted to a prison on an island with a history of nothing but death (I think its a allegory of Poveglia Island in Italy). The place had become so blood soaked through its history that supernatural manifestations of death begin to surface and slaughter all they see. the game did a great job with atmosphere, story, and creature design is excellent, I have made and am making more custom figures based upon them. Its an xbox original, backward compatible with 360, rated M, One of my all time favorites. its sequel is ok.

Then there is Condemned: Criminal Origins and its sequel Bloodshot. Another great atmosphere game, you play as an FBI detective hunting a serial killer who has framed you for murder in a city that has gone mad. The enemies that would become known in the second game as the Oro, seem to be causing this madness, and their look in the first game is great. In the sequel you play the same agent who slumped into drunken rage after the events of the first game. The sequel looses a few points in some areas (like story) but picks up more than it looses and is equally enjoyable. Both xbox 360, both rated M. Another favorite game of mine.
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