wonder Woman TV shot gets second look...

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wonder Woman TV shot gets second look...

Postby crea-torX » Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:34 am


Well, a different and younger director/writers any who! The pilot failed extremely bad and was canceled from ABC line up earlier this year. But taking a Smallville like on the character and less costume is there answer...If Wonder Woman in "costume" can make TV series, how in the world is she gonna make on the big screen. Super-heroes in the comics, have costumes or uniforms....period! Take that away, what do you have? You have fans demanding Clark put on the suit and I don't mean a 3 piece with a shirt and tie either! I like many fans were extremely disappointed yet again, only to find a glimpse of Superman in the final episode! It's like directors or somebody at WB once again decided that "calling a person "GREEN" Arrow was too silly or too much like Green Lantern! Or perhaps they were force to eat the GREEN vegetables as a kid and refuse to say or use the word GREEN at all today. Did you notice that BLACK WIDOW and HAWKEYE where never called their code names in the AVENGERS movie? If they did, I MISSED IT! When none comic book fans directors and writers get there COMIC BOOK based TV spot and Major motion picture...they have to F*&K with it! Oh we can't call them that! That's silly! Oh we can't have them where that! That's silly! Let me tell what should be done day one when they say that! Read my lips! YOU ARE F I R E D! Spider-man, Batman, Ironman, THOR, Captain America works and all make big bucks! So calling a hero by his or her comic book name can work!
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