Amazing Spider-man 2/ WHATS YOUR OPINION?

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Amazing Spider-man 2/ WHATS YOUR OPINION?

Postby daredevil96 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:38 pm


These are a list of questions to ponder about:

1.) Obviously there will be a Goblin in this movie. Question is who is it, Norman or Harry. Is it Green goblin or Hobgoblin?

2.) ......Doc Ock and Vulture! They have cameos and I'm guessing this is how all the villains get their powers....Oscorp.

3.)Whose the main villain, Electro or the Goblin.

4.)I know everyone's wondering if Gwen will die and personally I hope she doesn't because the new actress to me doesn't look the part.

5.)Who is the "man in the shadows"? In ASM1 he magically appears in Dr. Connors jail cell and somehow disappears. Now if he didn't open a door to leave the cell, does he have powers? My best guess as to who he is, is that he's Richard Parker himself!

6.) What villain would you like to see in the third and fourth film?

7.) What's your take on the characters' costumes? Spidey, Electro, Rhino, the Goblin?

What questions do you have?
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