An introduction to a collection for sale....

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An introduction to a collection for sale....

Postby intexity » Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:13 am

Hi. I am here in the hopes of selling a great collection at a good price. I was led here by another of your members as a great way to sell this collection in a more personable style.

I have at my disposal about 80 or so Transformers, a bunch of Star Wars toys, some He-Man figures and about 45 GI Joes with assorted vehicles. All these toys date from the mid 80's. This is a friends collection. My friend (yes seriously someone gave me their collection to sell online simply because they are not comfortable with computers) is married, has a house and a child. Due to life in these United States today, he want me to sell his collection as quickly as possible. I am trying to find him the best deal I possibly can. Yes I will make some money off this... but what is going to happen is a 50/50 split after expenses.

I want this collection to go where ever it will be the most appreciated. My friend is a huge comic/toy geek, but has no time to play with this stuff because of his hectic work schedule. I would like to not only hand him a grip of cash, but be able to say that his collection went where it will be appreciated. Its not easy giving up your childhood.

I got some o-rings last night and fixed one of the gi-joes that was broken. I was thinking of redoing all of them due to stretched and/or broken bands. What are your thoughts? I have all the accessories that go with them in a pile. Today we are getting together to put the toy sets together.

Realize off the bat I will be asking high numbers. If you are trying to get a cheap collection I am not the one to sell it to you. I will work with you to find a fair price for anything you might desire, but am not interested in letting the whole collection go for a few hundred dollars. I am also a haggler by nature, so be prepared if you want to make an offer!

I have a imgur account with about 51 pictures of this collection in varying stages. I am unsure the posting rules for this site and am too busy right now to look them up. I will pass on the link to anyone who asks in a private message.

If you have any ideas on how I could maximize the potential of this collection feel free to let me know. I am simply doing this because I have the time on my hands. The toys are pretty cool, but I have bigger fish to fry. This is just one of many projects I have going. I am planning to make a lightbox today to take more pictures, and if you have any suggestions from experience please let me know. I work on computers. I am not a photographer, nor am I a sales agent. I am simply doing this as a favor with hopes of making a few bucks.

Thanks in advance for any positive advice. I am kinda hanging out on a limb with this one so to speak.
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