FS:DC,Marvel,Alien,Predator,Star Wars,Star Trek etc

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FS:DC,Marvel,Alien,Predator,Star Wars,Star Trek etc

Postby bladerunnerblues » Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:12 pm

I need some extra cash for Christmas shopping(don't we all?)and am hoping to unload a bunch of stuff I have had sitting around for years:
*=damaged packaging
10"Vengeance 1995 $5
10"John Blaze 1995 %4
Ghost Rider Outcast 1996 $3
Ghost Rider Skinner 1995 $3
Ghost Rider II 1995* $2
Total Justice Aquaman 1996 $4
Total Justice Darkseid 1996 $4
Superman Man of Steel powerflight Superman 1995 $4
Hoof loose $3
Omega Red loose incomplete $2
Power of the Jedi 12"(?) Bossk* $7
Power of the Force Grand Moff Tarkin* $3
Power of the Force Bossk* $3
Warp Factor Series Captain Sisko(10"?) $4
R.I.D.Ironhide/Mirage 2 pack 2001 $3
Bandai Beetle Borg Beetlefighter(???)big green and grey diecast transforming robot $4
Kenner Lava Predator loose $2
Alien Resurrection newborn alien 1997 $6
micromachines Predator collection 2 1996 $3
Tomy Pocket Monsters vinyl Psyduck $3
Irwin Sailor Moon adventure figureS 1997 $2.50 each
Sailor Moon
Tuxedo Mask
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Toro Zord loose $6
Dragon Zord(?? Dragon that transforms into..weapon?lights up and makes noise) loose $7

Any questions,just ask
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