My Haves and Wants

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My Haves and Wants

Postby Lobofan » Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:59 pm

All haves are loose but in great condition

All Kalibak pieces except right leg
DCUC Killer Moth
AlML Hasbro Guardian
ML Hasbro Symbiote Spider-man
DCUC Orion and Lightray
DCUC Sinistro
ML series 3 Wolverine
DCSH Doomsday(grey)
DCSH Wave 1 Batman(no batarangs)
ML Thorbuster Iron Man
Halo 3 gamestop exclusive EOD Spartan
Marvel Select Spiderman and Doc Ock two pack
DCUC Batman(no batarangs)
HML Dr.Doom
ML Bishop
DCSH Bane(closed fist)
DC Superheroes Mongul
DCUC Red Tornado
DCUC Etrigan
ML AOA Wolverine burned variant
ML series 4 Beast
Iron Man Movie Iron Monger
Spider man classics Scorpion
LCBH Savage Dragon
ML BAF Apocalypse
ML BAF piece Sentinel torso
ML BAF piece Giant Man leg
ML BAF piece MODOK chair
ML BAF piece right side of MOJO chair
LCBH Pitt left arm and right leg
ML BAF Onslaught torso,left arm, and shell
ML series 3 Magneto

DCUC Wonder Woman
DCUC Flash
DCUC Black Lightning
SDCC exclusive Lobo( really really want this figure)
DCUC short hair Aquaman
DCUC Captain Atom
DCUC Firestorm
DCUC Regeneration Suit Superman
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