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Bens bst thread

Postby benscollectables » Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:52 am

Hi guys im new here but ive been told by friends its one of the best places for good reliable traders

I can send you links to my feedbacks and links to my picasa picture account so you know im not a faker.

If you see stuff on my picasa that isnt listed i may still have it for trade so just ask.


Rescue bots bumblebee

Armada Star Saber, Skyboom shield and requiem blaster teams

Energon Optimus Prime, Omega supreme / Sentinel , Hot Shot, Landmine, cliffjumper / beachcomber, wheeljack, jetfire, bulkhead and Arcee

Generations : Tracks , Mirage, Smokescreen, Warbot defender, Scourge, Cyclonus

Predaking and crazy devy parts

KO Shadow Commander kit and KO nemesis prime


All prices are in GBP ( Great British Pounds ) and are negotiable if purchasing several items
Exchang rate is 1GBP - 1.57USD

Marvel Legends Xmen display open to offers. Colossus, bishop, Emma Frost, Pyro, Marvel girl, Beast, Avalanche, Cable, Banshee, Kitty, Prof x, Cyclops, Angel, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and 2x sentinels
(a video is available but i can not yet post links)

Dc Universe

Green Arrow £8
Hawkman £8
Spectre £7
Parademon £5
Shazam £7
Deadshot £6
Steppenwolf £6
Big barda £6
Cyborg £5
Deadman Phasing £6
Iron £7
Gold £7
Joker series 10 £7
Superhero Batman £6
The atom £4
Flash £6
Guardian £4
Cyborg superman £7
Shark £6

Marvel Legends

Younge Avengers Set
House Of M set + House of M spiderman and Wolverine

Series 3
Magneto £8

Series 7
Centurian Ironman £8

Series 8
Black Widow £8
Ultimate Captain America £10

Series 9
Deathlock £7
Grey Hulk £7

Series 11
Ultron £12
Wonderman £7

Series 12
Wolverine £8
Sasquatch £8
Maistrohulk £7
Ironfist £7

Series 13
Loki crown of lies £9
Lady death strike £5

Series 14
Luke Cage £5
Falcon £5
Phylock £5

Series 15
Beta Ray bill £7
Captain Marvel £6
Ultimate Wasp £6

Giantman Series
Warbird £15
Captain Britian £12
Sentry £8

Hercules £6
Ultimate Ironman £8

Juggernaut £5
Pheonix £5
Lord thor £8
Yellow Jacket £7
Ultimate Wolverine £7

Black knight £10
First apperance captain america £8

Savage surfer £10

Hml Hulk Series
Savage She Hulk £7

Madman £7
Witchblade £10
Savage Dragon £6

Fantastic 4 Classics Human Torch and Impy £8

2 Pack Mr Fantastic £7
Ultimate Nick Fury £8
Marvel Girl £8

Marvel Select
Cloak and Dagger £7
Ultimate Hulk £10

Gi Joe Action Force Loose no weapons

Blaster V1 1987
Dodge V1 1987
Rock Viper V1 1990
Tomax V1 1985
Guile V1 1986
Muskrat V1 1988
Ozone V1 1991
Skymate V1 1991
Stormshadow V3 1991
Slice V2 1991
Rocknroll V4 1992

Cobra Bunker
Battle Station 1987
Action Force Armadillo 1985


Beast wars Scavenger

Beast wars and Armada Terrorsaur Metals

Beast wars Quickstrick complete

Beast wars Air Hammer Complete

Beast Machines Mirage, Complete
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