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Postby NEOTHEONE » Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:48 pm

I really really really really want a NECA LEON Kennedy figure. Any of the versions are good but i would prefer the jacketed or even more so prefer the one without the jacket.
I have a few figures i could trade for it and i could also pay

i have a neca Dead Space 1 Issac Clarke figure with lights and a plasma cutter
I have the neca Dead space 2 Issac clarke
Neca Predators Masked Toys R Us Exclusive Berserker with active camo ( broken plasma caster and missing arm blade)
Neca Predators Masked Toys R Us Exclusive City Hunter figure. With Disc, Claws, and some other accessories
A Neca Classic predator from the first movie that i bought on ebay. It has the series 1 classic predator body with the series 2 Battle damaged predator head. It has claws but did not come with a backpack.
I Have many halo figures
War for cybertron optimus with a battle axe
walmart exclusive movie optimus prime deluxe class
and lots of other just random figures so let me know what you are interested in
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