Some goodies for trade

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Some goodies for trade

Postby peewee23 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:24 pm

i have the following figures for trade

ML Thunderball
ML Sentry
ML Maestro
ML Iron Man (rebirth of)
ML Human Torch(flame on)
DCUC Mantis(robotic)
DCUC Black Lightning
DCUC Black Lightning(Public Enemies)
SMC Hydroman(no human legs)
DCUC Shazaam/Captain Marvel
DCUC Cyclotron
DC Direct Starman
DC DIrect Dr.Fate
DCUC Hawkgirl
DC Direct Hawkgirl
DCUC Bronze Tiger(tiger head)
DCUC Indigo Tribe Atom
DC Direct Captain Boomerang
DC DIrect The Atom
DCUC CHemo left arm
DCUC Despero left leg, right arm
ML Mojo torso

i am looking for
Face Off Punisher
Female Shield Agent
Elektra(from the 2 pack, human or skrull)
ML FF Dr.Doom
LCBH Conan
ROML Captain Steve Rogers
ML Domino
ML Scarlett Spidey
XMC Rogue
XMC Avalanche
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