Movie Masters Joker

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Movie Masters Joker

Postby JMPesce » Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:10 pm

Hi everyone, first of all, I'm new here and this is one of my first posts :P

I created this account because I love all of the really wicked customs I've seen here over the last few months that I've known about your site. I also don't really know where this would go so I hope I did this right :P I know I'm pretty late to jump on this bandwagon, would anyone be interested selling me a repaint of a Movie Masters Joker figure that has more of a Ledger look to it for me? Or even better, if I could send someone my own figure and they customize it for me, that would be cool to! If someone could do this for me I would greatly appreciate it. I was thinking of something akin to Raybot's repaint or Pulpyfiction's custom, because those two are just awesome and amazing work.

So, if anyone is willing to help me out, I would be really appreciative. Is anyone interested?
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