trekking95's B/S/T

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trekking95's B/S/T

Postby trekking95 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:13 pm

What I have:
Thor movies series Heimdall x 3
Captain America movie series Red Skull (normal one) and Hydra soldiers x 1 each
Avenger's movies series Quinjet x 2
Avengers movie series Iron Man Fusion Armor Mark VII
1 @ $9.00
Marvel's The Avengers Concept Series Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VI
2 @ $9.00
Marvel's The Avengers Comic Series Skrull Soldier
1 @ $12.00
Marvel's The Avengers Movie Series Gamma Smash HULK
3 @ $9.00

Items without prices will have them added later or you can ask. All prices plus shipping, send your zip/postal code for a quote. No pictures will be added as I think it takes up too much room on the page. But if you want to see any of the stuff just request a picture and I will send it to you! :)

And of course all stuff is open to trades! I might even take stuff that's not listed in the want list.

If you have parts of any of the "want" figures (like heads or arms) let me know as they may be used for customs.

What I want: (all figures are the 3.75 in. versions unless I say another size)

Iron Man stuff:
IM2 movie series Mark 1 (the one built in the cave with the box of scraps ;))
IM Armored Avenger concept drone (the stand in for whiplash armor)
MU Modular "Bleeding Edge" Iron Man
IM (the first one) 6 in. Iron Monger

Captain Amercia stuff:
Captain America variant Red Skull and variant Hydra soldier.

GI Joe stuff:
GI Joe Cobra shock troops (the black ones with the clear riot shield)
GI Joe Rise of Cobra "The Doctor"
GI Joe Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow arctic assault

Star Wars stuff:
Any Boba Fett figures
Star Wars VC Wedge Antilles
Star Wars VC Rebel Fleet Trooper

Random stuff:
Indiana Jones German soldiers
A-Team "Face" figure, the modern movie one with the suit.
Infinity Gauntlet for figures in the normal 3.75 in. line (not big ones like Thanos)
Any Tron figures
Any figures in black and white suits

Will be updated as I find/think of stuff! :D
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Re: trekking95's B/S/T

Postby trekking95 » Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:23 pm

Bump and update!
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