dragon ball z trading cards?

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dragon ball z trading cards?

Postby deathbymexico » Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:50 pm

happened upon a butt load of my old dbz cards, not really into cards or anime much these days, is there interest for stuff like that? they are pretty sweet, i got most of them from a kid in japan when i was visiting with an exchange program like 10 years ago. kid just gave me his cards cuz i was wearing a dbz shirt, crazy! i dont really know much about them, and most of the writing is in japanese so aisde from snapping a few pix im not sure how to determine series or anything like that. they are in plastics since i got home with them, so they are in prett good condition. anyone interested hit me up with an offer and i can try to provide as much info as i can!
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