Seeking Ada Wong and Sheva Alomar

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Seeking Ada Wong and Sheva Alomar

Postby MangaJoe » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:53 am

As of right now since I now have a redone Leon that I'm proud of, I'd like to make either Ada or Claire to stand next to him on my shelf. I'd prefer to make Ada, but unfortunately the Ada Wong figure for RE4 is sitting at about $40 or considerably more on most sites I go to, and Neca has done a really great job with the head sculpts. :/ It'd still leave me wondering who to use for the main body though, as I'd want to either make RE2 style Claire or Ada. I've considered Sheva for either as she's the same height as Leon and just kind of like the way Neca figures are put together.

Anyone have and suggestions for a good base for Ada or Claire, or where I might happen to find an Ada and Sheva for a lower price? My catalogue of things I have for trade isn't too big, but I can get photos of all my items, I also have paypal, and I'd even be willing to make a figure all together as these two are so high on my want list.

RE4 - Ada Wong
RE5 - Claire Redfield
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Re: Seeking Ada Wong and Sheva Alomar

Postby squeezeplay » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:57 pm

I do not deal by PMs, only email. Please do not PM, only use email at

I can probably help you with both of those items.
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