triggerricks new trade list 4/7

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triggerricks new trade list 4/7

Postby triggerrick » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:47 pm


baf and cnc
ares- helmet and swords, and head (i know i have one head in my haves but i dont wanna open that package id rather have one loose) (high priority)
bane-left arm and right leg (high priority)
validus- left arm
darkseid-head and crothch, both arms, and both legs
stel-upper and lower torso
arnim zola-head, torso,and remote
imperiez-head, crotch, andright arm
arkillo-headand crotch,right leg, and both arms
antimonitor-upper torso, left leg, andright arm
apache-head and crotch, upper torso, and both legs
ultra humanite-head and crotch, both arms, and left leg
pitt-lower torso, and right arm (high priority)
soloman grundy-evrything butright arm
gorilla grodd-everything but left arm
kalibak-evrything but left arm
trigon-evrything but left arm
sentinel-1 hose, right leg
stripe-both arms, left leg, and upper torso

marvel icons
i want all even if i have them already

marvel legends
movie punisher complete (high priority)
storm (all figures including xmen classics in white)
nighcrawler x2
beast (not movie version)
madame masque
madam hydra
all twin packs series
all fin fang foom series
black knight
and plenty more that slip my mind

marvel select
thor disney exc
ghost rider
anti venom
ultimate thor
she hulk
ultimate hulk
red hulk
ultimate iron man
ww2 cpt america
im sure there is plenty more i need but it slips my mind but i will wait to hear from all yall thanks
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Re: triggerricks new trade list 4/7

Postby Galactape » Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:53 am

PM sent!
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Re: triggerricks new trade list 4/7

Postby packerbacker180 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:09 pm

pm'd you, sir!
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Re: triggerricks new trade list 4/7

Postby shaynebishop » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:45 pm

arnim zola-head, torso,and remote
Movie Punisher
pitt-lower torso, and right arm (high priority)
gorilla grodd-everything but left arm Some parts, I need to verify which ones I have.
I have a Hulk and Iron Man Marvel ICON
Twin pack of Human Torch and Invis Woman from TRU (CARDED)
Disney Exclusive Thor (CARDED)

And a bunch of BAF pieces still -----

What I want are the carded Red She Hulk and maybe a couple of the IM figs you have...loooohh and the loose Nick Fury if you still have him

email me if you can because i dont check here daily its my Screen name AT Gmail dot com

thanks bud
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