Carded 3 3/4 Comission Request

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Carded 3 3/4 Comission Request

Postby the_6th_Astron » Tue May 28, 2013 3:08 am


I'm obviously new to the site. I've bought a few customs over the years and have admired a lot of the work here but haven't really had a reason to join until now.

As the title says, I have a comission request.

Basically I want a vintage 3 3/4 Star Wars style carded figure of a character named 'Ahab' from the 2011 grindhouse-homage film Father's Day. I would think it will be a rather simple figure to do. At this point I really don't have a preference of actual vintage figure parts or new parts. I have a Blade Runner custom by Geek Summit and he used mostly new Indiana Jones stuff for it. I think a lot of the same parts he used could be used for this. Especially the brown trench coat he used. However, I don't think the trench was from the Indy line.

As I said I do want it carded and the design of the card will be of high importance. I would be happy with the one-sheet movie poster being incorporated but would love the artists input about that. I would REALLY love the 3rd pic below(a portion of it anyway) incorporated on the back of the card.

Here are some pics of Ahab(the one with the eyepatch) and the poster...




As you see Ahab has some pretty crazy hair going on so a custom hair sculpt would be something I would want if a similar head/hair sculpt can't be scrounged up.

As far as weapons, I would like him to have his big six shooter and to have it look like the actual one but I suppose a shotgun in that style would be good instead. Either or I guess.

As far as money, I'm open to negotiate whatever. I know customs sometimes sell cheap on ebay(I got my Geek Summit Blade Runner for like $20) but I'm willing to pay a good amount for what I want.

So, if you wanna make some money, this idea excites you, and you have some past work you can show me, please post here or simply shoot me a pm.

If anyone at all has any suggestions, advice or input of any sort please post it as it will all be appreciated.

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