Batman Prime's trading list

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Batman Prime's trading list

Postby Batman Prime » Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:37 pm

Well I don't have a lot since I am still a pretty green customizer but I do have a few things. Mostly I have 6 inch figures and fodder, and many are used but I do have a few MOC items. I will list everything out and describe pictures. My MOC figures are boxed up at the moment but I will upload pictures as soon as I can.


Marvel Select Abomination

Movie Masters Catwoman

Two Pack Prototype Suit Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon
I have this one MIB in storage in a box in my closet. If you're interested I can fish it out and send you pictures.

WWE Wrestler, Marvel Select Rachel Grey, Angel (no wings), Legends Black Widow.

I think that is a Captain Planet bike, ML Vengence bike, Hawkeye sled?, and ML Scarlet Witch sled

Green Lantern Parallax BAF (3 pieces), ML Iron Man weapons, misc weapons. 3.75in Lord Zedd from MMPR 2010 line.

Heads: MM batman(2), MM Harvey Dent, MM Joker Thug, 5in TDK Batman, Protosuit Bruce Wayne ski-mask, Heroes Claire, BAF Sandman, Arkham Harley Quinn, and BAF Nekron

MM Scarecrow, MM Joker, X-Men Train Station Cyclops(no jacket), 1st movie Spider-man, MM Joker with coat

Marvel Legends Mystique, Klaw arm, ML Psylocke head, Scarlet Witch head, Wolverine head, Superman head, Tom Welling (Smallville) head, Bizarro head. I bought these in a cast collection from Casting Cave. They are excellent casts.

Hellboy, Steel?, Dr Mid-nite?, painted Fantomex, Constrictor, Klaw, Terry McGinnis?, Dum Dum Dugan. These are from the same collection as above.


I don't have a lot of specific wants. I mostly just collect things for customs that I am in the process of making. I'm always on the lookout for 6 inch Iron Man variations and I may need some female ML bases. I could use a large knife for my Red Hood. I do currently need hoods, bows, quivers, and I am in desperate need of a ROML Mystique head. I can cast it and send it back to you if your willing.

I have an open mind for trading and I have a Paypal if you would rather deal in money. Thanks for looking.
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