WANTED:- Last 3 Street Shark Figures

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WANTED:- Last 3 Street Shark Figures

Postby Killamari » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:33 am

Hello all I stumbled across this forum and thought if anybody can help me it's got to be here!

Since i was a child i've collected Street Sharks figures, it's only this past year i've realised how close i was to actually completing the collection up to series 5 before they went all robotic and silly.

The 3 figures I require don't need to be boxed, in fact it's preferable they're loose to keep the price down, and collectors are mor elikely to have loose figures spare.

The 3 figures I need are :-

Dr.Piradigm/Piranoid in Yellow and Green robotic suit (Not the blue robotic suit which can squirt water)
Radical Benz

Thanks if any of you guys can help me.
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