To Trade- MOC GI Joes for MOC MOTU Vintage

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To Trade- MOC GI Joes for MOC MOTU Vintage

Postby boss1017 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:54 pm

I have the following GI Joes that I want to offer up for trade for MOC Vintage MOTU:

Figure Year
Lady Jaye 1985
Hawk 1985
Muskrat 1985
Croc Master 1985
Beach Head 1986
Japanese Rock & Roll 1986
Top Side 1986
Tunnel Rat 1987
Storm Shadow v2 1987
Gung Ho 1987
Hit & Run 1988
Snake Eyes v3 (w/ mini Beachhead figure) 1989
Recoil 1989
Chinese Storm Shadow v1 1992
Chinese Barricade 1992
Ninja Force Snake Eyes 1992
Vega (Street Fighter II) 1993
Snake Eyes (Temple Guardian) 2010
Jungle Viper 2010
Firefly 2010
Action Force Road Block 1984?
Storm Shadow 25th Anniversary

I am open to ALL offers. I have several figures already, but am always looking for more. I prefer MOC figures, but I am open to offers on banged up (but still sealed) MOTU (vintage) as well. All offers will be considered. I can email pics of figures if anyone is interested.

I also have quite a few MOTUC and MOTU 200X MOC figures that I would be willing to trade in order to acquire more vintage MOTU MOC stuff.

Thanks for looking!

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