The new G.I. Joe Crimson Guard army builder 6 packs.

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The new G.I. Joe Crimson Guard army builder 6 packs.

Postby [1MIND]Tear777 » Wed Mar 02, 2005 5:30 am

I just finished pre-ordering 2 Crimson Guard Force packs. They won't be released until March 10th. Heres a link to a picture of them. ... 8&n=507846 The G.I. Joe collectors havin dying for something like this to come out. These will sell out alot quicker than the Cobra Troopers army builder packs, which were also a ToyRUs exclusive. Any G.I. Joe remotely relating to anything crimson sells for much more than other things. These things are going to be so in demand, they will be gone in 2 months unless Hasbro makes more than they have for other sets. I shudder to think at what the going rates for these guys will be this time next year, lol. But, I have mine coming between March 12 and March 15. Ill be one of the first people to own them. I ordered one of each set. One comes with Tomax as the commander, and one with Xamot, his twin brother. These figures have everything going for them. Value factor is a 9, and the coolnes factor is a solid 10 !
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