6-inch fully articulated Boba Fett!

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Re: 6-inch fully articulated Boba Fett!

Postby Grimlock000 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:38 pm

Wow! That. is. SO. cool! Super envious of you right now!
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Re: 6-inch fully articulated Boba Fett!

Postby shapp » Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:24 pm

MDVillarreal wrote:6" Star Wars figures would be awesome! However, given the pricing structure of the 3.75" figures, they'd probably run between $20-$25.

I can promise you these bad boys wouldn't be $20-25 each. ThreeA toys runs on the pricer side but they are so worth it. Something this scale from them would probably run somewhere between $50-100 each as I've seen the larger scale ones on certain sites for up to $400. I also couldn't ever see them as retail items as ThreeA are def designed to be for adult collectors.

I would love so many of the figs that ThreeA puts out, but I just can't afford them. Each and every one of them is just a work of art.
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