In pursuit of a Holmes and Watson. (Body sculpt issues.)

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In pursuit of a Holmes and Watson. (Body sculpt issues.)

Postby phospherocity » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:52 am

So it started like this: with surprising speed I had gone from one Dalek on the filing cabinet, to a Dalek and a My Little Pony on the filing cabinet, to an array of heroes fighting evil on the filing cabinet and now all I wanted was a Sherlock Holmes to join their ranks.

I'm not allowed to post links, but I found the little chap made by Accoutrements. Not great, but I appreciated that he’s based on the canon rather than any of the screen incarnations. He would have been fine… but there’s no Watson!

I refuse to have Holmes wandering about my filing cabinet all alone.

So I thought, maybe I can get some other besuited action figure and, you know, paint on a moustache.

But I soon realised I was never going to find anything of the right size, so gave up on the little Holmes as I fell into a rabbit hole of custom action figures and Hot Toys and Sideshow and BBI and … others …

My conclusions are these.

I really, really want a Holmes and Watson.

1) I don’t see any way of doing this that doesn’t involve buying 1/6 figures and appropriate heads and dressing them in Victorian clothing and I am up for that. However,
2) I’m poor. So this is probably going to have to happen second-hand/via eBay

So, I think I’ve found some heads on eBay that could work (do most makes of head fit other makes of body?) and some bodies I could afford – but what about their relative sizes? I want a taller Holmes and a shorter Watson (preferably Holmes would be thin and Watson stockier but that’s not too important).

I think the Hot Toys Narrow Shoulder body (again, I wish I could post links!) should work for Holmes, and I know it’s taller than the “slim” body in the same range. But I’m having trouble finding an affordable slim body that comes with hands and feet and wouldn’t involve sky-high shipping costs. Are there any other body sculpts out there that are a little shorter than the HT Narrow body, or can anyone suggest any other combinations?

If anyone knew where to get some decent 1/6 Victorian clothing, that would be great too.
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