Mega Trade I negotiated 10/13/12

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Mega Trade I negotiated 10/13/12

Postby kenm2474 » Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:20 am

Just Scored the Mother Load in a Trade. I Traded what left of my TFs which is pretty small.
1x FP City Commander w/upgrade Missile pack and shake hand accessory.
1x D.I.A. Commander set
1x Classics Prime
1x Classics Magnus
1x FP Bruticus set w/all 5 vehicles included
1x FP Rodimus Prime Set
1x Classics Hot Rod
1x Generations Kup w/ Extra Heads Set
1x WFC Megatron
1x WFC Soundwave
1x WFC Bumblebee
1x WFC Prime
1x Generations Jazz

For Giant Man + series Figs, Apocalypse + series Figs, Galactus + series Figs, Mojo + series Figs. Figures only I am getting - Angel, Omega Red, Mystique, Wasp, Beta Ray Bill, Spider Woman and Black Panther.
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Re: Mega Trade I negotiated 10/13/12

Postby shapp » Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:33 pm

I think its a good deal for what you got but in the same instance someone who is a huge TFormers fan might think they got a deal with some of those G1 figs you listed. All in all, the only thing that matters is both traders are happy about the trade =)
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