Marvel Hawkeye (Age of Ultron)

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Marvel Hawkeye (Age of Ultron)

Postby GreenHawkArrowEye » Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:23 pm

So a last week I picked up Age of Ultron, the new series event in Marvel comics, and I absolutely loved Hawkeye in it. In fact my favorite hero is Green Arrow (for DC) so naturally I'll either hate or love Hawkeye. And I happen to love him, I'm just a big fan of archery. Anyway, I grabbed two of the New 52 Green Arrow figures from my local comic store and was so pleased with just about everything about it (except the size of the arrows, but I got over that really quickly). Well Since I have two of them, which at the time I had plans of just having the extra, I finally have an idea for him, as you probably already figured out, I wanna turn my New 52 GA into the Age of Ultron styled Hawkeye. Just wanted to get a couple opinions on this, or maybe it has already been done? Any and all advice would be perfect (: Thanks.
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