Which NECA GoW figure does this Lancer come with?

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Which NECA GoW figure does this Lancer come with?

Postby squeezeplay » Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:29 pm


Both of these pics are of the same gun, but from either side. I got this in a lot recently and am just wondering which specific version of which character it comes with. There are 2 different Lancers that look similar to each other. The other one, that this is not, has less detail on the top of the gun and a shorter pistol grip. If it helps, mine DOES have the excessive red paint so it might come from a "bloody" version of a character. If anyone can tell me which figure this came from, I would appreciate it. NOT "I think it comes from _____" or "all the lancers look identical". But the actual figure this came with please.
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