Round 2 Bat-Vehicle Model Kits in 1/12 Scale

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Round 2 Bat-Vehicle Model Kits in 1/12 Scale

Postby BKZ718 » Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:52 am

They already have the molds not sure if they still have the license, but they did at least until last year. The released molds are all in 1/25 scale. It would be perfect if the re-release the following (batboat, batcyle, and batmobile) in 1/12 scale so the new Mattel classic batman figures could fit. I know Mattel has a batmobile coming out and a previously released batcycle, but the more options the better (à la DCD & DCUC). How many people would be interested in this? (I attached a file I worked up this morning.) Image
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