The latest Marvel Infinites 3 3/4 wave

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The latest Marvel Infinites 3 3/4 wave

Postby shocking_stuff » Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:03 am

Has anyone checked out the latest wave of Marvel's Infinites 3 3/4 figures featuring reissues of Yellow Jacket (Is that one word or two?) & Beta Ray Bill?

The reason I ask... To paraphrase the Great CM Punk, I'm a Thor Guy. As a Thor Guy, I have be waiting for the second wave of Infinites ever since Hasbro started to put out the Marvel Universe line. Eric Masterson is the first superhero I really came in to contact with. Yeah, I had seen Batman and Superman... But Thor was the first comicbook I ever read. The combination of the awesome powers of a God and the doubt, fears and vulnerabilities of an everyday had me hooked, brought me into to the marvel universe and comics in general.

You can probably imagine how excited I was when I heard the news that Eric Masterson's incarnation of Thor was getting a 3 3/4...

Here's the problems...

1) He is named the "80's Thor", though Eric didn't take over thunder god duties till 1991.
2) His costume, as with the original Thor's (IMO) were a very dark blue, not black. If you look at the way the costumes are coloured, they are shaded with the dark blue. I could be wrong, but it's how I feel. Based on the next problem, it could be either way.
3) The biggest problem, however, is his lower legs. Instead of sculpting brand new legs that look like Eric's Thor, they just gave him Beta Ray's... WHAT???

Obviously, Hasbro doesn't have someone from Marvel approving the designs who knows what they are talking about...
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