halo anniversary plaque cortana piece (?)

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halo anniversary plaque cortana piece (?)

Postby spartan023 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:07 am

i want to get the plaque parts.
but the arbiter sword part it $60-90$
i was wondering if i could swap a cortana sword for the arbiter sword on the plaque?
could it be modified easily to fit?
the only thing i see thats different is the hilt peg would have to be reversed (drilled) as the blade peg looks like it goes all the way thru.(no modify blad peg)

plaque figures 4/5 with no arbiter 60$ with arbiter $100
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Re: halo anniversary plaque cortana piece (?)

Postby Purity » Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:42 pm

I have the complete plaque, so I tested it out for you. Here's what I learned:
-The flip side of the blade isn't painted so you'd need to do that.
-There are two pegs and holes; one for the blade and one for the handle
-The one on the blade goes through the whole blade and the flip side of it does fit in the peg on the, so you can do that.
-However, when it comes to the handle, there's modification to be done. The handle only has one peg hole on one side. I doesn't go all the way through. So, you would need to first drill a hole one the flip side so it has a hole to put in the peg. Next, you would need to fill in the existing hole of the handle with apoxie or something.

So, it's possible, but will take some work. You need to paint part of the blade, drill a hole on the handle, and fill in the hole that's already in the handle and you can get away with it.
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