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Postby CJK Toy Bay » Sat Mar 20, 2004 10:42 am

Be patient and keep checking. We didn't have anything left but a few Creature Features. The other day I walk into work and the one girl is telling me how I'll be happy because we got more of those claw figures in.

So I go back to the dock to see exactly what we got...16 cases of ROTC, 9 cases of CF and 5 cases of ME! 8) Everyone was like "we're never going to sell all those, we'll have them forever." From yesterday morning when I left till today we sold a case of ME and 2 cases of ROTC. So I filled it all back up and right before I left I put out 2 more cases of ROTC. All I keep hearing is, "these are so cool, I can't beleive they're only $2!" Go figure, the one thing TRU decides to mark donw they go directly from $10 to $2....I think these would have sold well at $5...but then again what do I know. I'm only a morning stocker with a toy obsession :?
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Postby Tyrannosaur22 » Sat Mar 20, 2004 5:51 pm

CaptainCoder wrote:Hey Tyro, did you ever find any of these figures? I drove out to another Toys R Us and found two of them last weekend. One from Realm of the Claw and one from Mutant Earth. There's no more stores within my driving range now :(

Sadly no :( I did find one single Creatures Features figure but the box was just about to fall apart and there was no price tag any where so I didn't even mess with try a price-scan or anything. I guess I was just too late to get any of those awesome deals. Hopefully Stan Winston and TRU will get all this settle and produce more soon...
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