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Wizard Magazine Lately

Postby BurningDoom » Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:28 am

I didn't even know it existed until about issue #50, and have followed it ever since. I have always loved the news and rumors about comics (that were hard to find before the internet), and comic related movies and games and other things. And the humor was low-brow enough for a guy like me to chuckle at. Plus, while it was reliable, the price-guide was a nice bonus. (It was really sweet when they also included a Comic Trading Card and Comic Action Figure Price Guide in it too.)

But it seems since a little before their big #200 issue, they have been getting pretty disappointing. The news is old news by the time I read it. (I know we live in the Internet age, but I thought they had enough clout to get exclusives.) They waste good space on things that aren't even related to comics (like Lost). They seem to have lost their sense of humor. The price guide is a joke with massive gaps; I mean seriously, who's the guy that deems what issues are good enough to be included in this piece of crap? Not to mention the bigger format just jacked the price up without having more meaningful material added to it. And they lost the cool freebies they used to have with it: free promo cards, free mini-comic, or at least a free poster or single-month calendar; now there's nothing.

This is coming from an actual fan of Wizard. I hope they can get their act together before they go under, because IMO the alternative is even worse.

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Postby Wesr » Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:42 am

I used to buy it every month back when i was collection all the time and still have a few of the freebies. You used to be able to get exclusive action figures from them or mail in for exclusive comic books. I noticed the quality was going about the time i quit collecting so they must have gotten their crap together at some point. Have you looked at their price guides online? They might be putting more effort into their online areas. Sadly people haven't realized that alot of folks don't have the internet yet.
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