does anyone on here play magic the gathering

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does anyone on here play magic the gathering

Postby DiceMan » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:49 pm

cause i don't know anything about it
but i know it has a huge following
i went to a garage sale and i got about three thousand cards for 7 bucks from a lady that obviously didnt know anything about them either
but i was just wondering how can i sell these and does anyone want some in trade for some figures
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Postby necronaut » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:26 am

long time no post, but yeah i play magic on campus sometimes
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Postby Punstarr » Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:02 am

*Wanders in mysteriously*

People still play Magic? I thought the rage nowadays was that Yu-gi-yo (I think that's what it's called) game. I played Magic back in high school when the Revised set had just come out... then Overpower came out and I ditched M:tG for it. Overpower... now that was a fun game. I remember I even made a custom Thanos card set for it. Ah, memories...

Anyway, just got bored and decided to check out the old haunt. Don't mind me. I may be in from time to time...

*Wanders out*
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Postby ScarecrowMan666 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:18 pm

yep I've got a black and blue deck
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Postby grimlenking » Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:46 am

goblins are my thing. I have a red goblin deck and as of late I made a red and black one as well
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