Deadly Premonition

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Deadly Premonition

Postby MangaJoe » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:39 pm

Title: Deadly Premonition
Available on: Xbox 360

Synopsis: You take the roll of an FBI investigator, Francis York Morgan, in a murder mystery that takes you to the rural mountain town of Greenvale, Colorado. Meet estranged characters, work with local law enforcement, and look at the clues to figure out who's behind this estranged mystery.

Review: Ok, so you expecting that you read that, I have to say the game is like massive curve ball. I was at my local video game store and was about to rent it for $8, and then saw it was for sale for $20... so I bought it. The game opens with kind of an odd introduction where you meet the main character talking to himself, to which you slowly realize is really his duel personality, Zach. The main character within 3 minutes of starting confirms himself to be INSANE. The game still seemed mundane enough until the cinema scene sent me careening off the road in a hollywood style crash! My character proceeded to dust himself off and flick on his flashlight in what seemed like I'd have to hike out of the woods in some odd open world style adventure... instead... I had to fight my way out of the woods and get past ZOMBIES. I'd like to explain what's going on, but I feel it would spoil the story, however let me just list all the game play types you can get out of this game.
- Open World Exploration
- Side quests galor; everything from fetch quests to puzzles.
- Lots of zombies to bash about
- A delightful mystery story line to follow and figure out
- Check point races you can do through out town in one of the 20+ cars to collect.
- Life simulation; Grow a beard, make sure you eat and sleep regularly, also don't forget to wash your clothes.

This game is quite literally the most bizarre thing I've played in a long time, and you know what? ITS ASTOUNDINGLY GOOD!

Verdict: 9/10
- Solid, but sluggish at times, gameplay
- Mediocre graphics with awkward music
- Literally over 25 hours of stuff to do
- Garunteed to be $20 or less at any game store, and if it's not buy it off amazon for $15!!!

At some point I need to make a proper trading page.
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