7th Kingdom Minotaurs For Sale.

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7th Kingdom Minotaurs For Sale.

Postby smoke » Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:38 pm

I'm brand spanking new to this forum, however I'm a long-time member at the Fwoosh boards. I am also a writer for doghouseboxing (Joey Combs) and have to have a clean online reputation. I post this in hopes to get a buyer and new home for my ultra rare 7th Kingdom Minotaur set. I have the 6 variants, including the holstein (black and white bull) all in the package, unopened but the packages aren't perfectly mint by any means. I also have Xetheus, loose on display. Several potential buyers have backed out, or made an offer at the Fwoosh and then thought about it and not done it, or after the offer have simply not followed up. I post this here, instead of your trading thread because I am new to this forum and I'm not looking to trade, just to sale. I would really like to get these to a collector that missed them the first time around instead of a seller. I bought them for collecting myself but my wife really has been wanting to get rid of clutter and these 6 guys hanging on pegs do take up quite a bit of room. I will do this paypal, my email is smokecombs at yahoo . I would want payment first, Paypal and whatever I can provide legally so you have peace of mind to buy from me I can give. Thanks for any info or interest and sorry to any mods for probably being in the wrong forum but I'm mainly a Fwoosh member just thought I'd try to get this to all the collectors out there that might miss out if they aren't on Fwoosh. Thanks. Email me for pics (it won't allow me to post them on here as a new member).
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Re: 7th Kingdom Minotaurs For Sale.

Postby Bob-a-Ferret » Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:12 am

Well I may be interested if you still have them how much are you asking? Also are you selling them only as a set?
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Re: 7th Kingdom Minotaurs For Sale.

Postby MrAnderson9637 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:35 pm

Agreed. I'm interested, but I'd need to know how much thye are as far as pricing, and whether or not you're breaking the group up or selling them as a set. I'd love a minotaur or two for my collection, but it's all a matter of price.
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Re: 7th Kingdom Minotaurs For Sale.

Postby StarrWolff » Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:38 am

I was wondering if you'd sold this set or not. I would be interested in them as well.
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